Payment methods

German Scale of Fees for Veterinarians (GOT)

As veterinarians we are obliged to bill in accordance with the German Scale of Fees for
Veterinarians. The determination of the prices charged within this GOT has a range depending on
different factors. We offer high medical standards with state-of-the-art medicine and technology and
professional expertise. That is why costs for therapy may be a little higher than at your family vet.
Please also note that during emergency services there are higher rates (on late evenings/nights and
weekends). That is necessary to fund the higher personnel costs and supervision expenditures.
This way we can guarantee the best possible care for your pet.

Estimate of costs:

Already before doing surgery or therapy we will estimate the costs expected and discuss them with
you in detail. Without examination we can not estimate any costs for therapy.

Payment methods:

- Cash – EC card – Instalment payment

Instalment payment:

For invoices higher than €500 we accept instalment payment. We are working together with a
central clearinghouse, so you can pay in four installments (or less) without any fees. If you need
more installments they will take interest rates. To be able to use instalment payment there be a
positive credit check. It is done online and therefore we will need your ID card with correct adress
and birth date.